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Human Resources typically make sure thatan organization runs smoothly and the right candidates are hired for the organization keeping its keeping term welfare in mind. Human resources typically makes sure that the company is running in complete compliance and awareness of its city and state laws , in addition they recruit the best candidate the organization can find to join the company team and keep their files and information confidential and train them for optimal performance. Human Resources also ensure that employee conduct is consistent and up to par. Human Resourcesare also incharge of employee incentives, compensations and benefits, Human Resources department of the organization.Human Resources are also consistently involved in pumping up company morale as well as planning company outings. A supervisor,manager,trainer,recruiter, labor/employee relations and business consultants are also seen working in the Human Resources department.
Human Resources Sub-disciplines
The functionalities and the scope of the HR department are vast and varied and they can be classified into nine different functionalities as follows:
  • Human Resources Planning :
     Keeping the present and the future needs, the various availability and possible shortages the resources are tapped and held in store in such a way that right persons are hired for the company at the right time and place. Basically facilitates the long term and the short term requirements of the human resources.
  • Designing of the Organization and Job :
     In this particular field/department, the "job description" and "job specification" , is shared out by providing the definition of work of each position in the organization and the identification of a person with the right attributes to suit the job description , respectively , form an essential part of Human Resources . Thus the organization structure and the various responsibilities are clearly laid down.
  • Selection and Staffing of human resources:
  • :
     This basically involves the recruitment of the various staff as required by the organization. The aspirations and the expectation levels of the candidates are clearly identified and whose goals and aims are aligned with that of the companys are selected correspondingly by the Human Resources department.
  • Training and Development in human resources:
     This sub division deals with training the employees or the selected candidates with a certain skill set and polishing that skill set so as to fulfill the present as well as the future needs of the organization.
  • Organizational Development :
     Organizational development is a fundamental and essential aspect where the overall welfare and the growth of the organization as a whole isdependent and interrelated.
  • Compensations and Benefits in human resources:
     This is the area which specializes in providing wages and the various compensations and benefits to the employees on a basis such that there is equality and fairness to the job performance exhibited by the candidate. Labor welfare measures are also included which include various benefits and perks.
  • Employee Assistance :
     Each and every employee individually is taken care of and dealt with in order to facilitate for their well being and welfare. Any issues at hand are dealt with openly when approached by the Human Resources.
  • Union/Labor Relations:
     Labor relations are part and parcel of any organization at hand. A peaceful running of the Industrial and Labor relations is very essential.
  • Personal Research and Information Systems:
     With various technological advancements and changing times and demand, the field of Human Resources has to keep in pace. Therefore continuous research and development in the same has to be facilitated for.
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